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The Firm

We practice fiduciary wealth management, a prudent and methodical approach based on understanding not only your financial objectives but also your lifestyle and family values. You will have an experienced wealth manager providing personal service with your long-term interests always at the forefront. Our goal is to protect your hard-earned assets and safely grow your wealth using independent solutions tailored to match your aims and responsibilities.

Our conservative approach to portfolio management, Investment Consulting, emphasizes high-quality investments, diversification and minimizing risk and expenses. As fiduciary wealth managers, we go beyond portfolio management by also providing Advanced Planning and Relationship Management. Here is our three-step process:

  • Investment Consulting: Customized portfolios are created for each client, utilizing multiple asset classes to ensure a globally balanced asset allocation designed to keep volatility in check. We have achieved a superior risk-adjusted track record with our Investment Consulting method.
  • Advanced Planning: We look at those aspects of your financial life outside of your investment portfolio: wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable giving.
  • Relationship Management: True wealth managers build an interlocking web of trusting relationships with three groups – the first between you and our firm, the second among a network of financial experts who will address specific issues such as taxes and real estate, and the third among our firm and your other professional advisors such as attorneys and accountants.

When you join our family of wealth managers you will enjoy a close, powerful relationship with a trusted advisor who will get to know you and your family, streamline your financial affairs, stay in close contact, and take the worry out of managing your money and planning your future.

Our firm’s philosophy is to build close, enduring relationships with our national clientele while providing them with comprehensive wealth management services. Principals of the firm include CEO & Founder David Robinson, a Certified Financial Planner; President Keith Tigue, an M.B.A.; and Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer Lisa Sponcil.

Additionally, in our Wealth Management Consultative Process we engage a team of experts including estate planning attorneys, CPAs and other professionals to assist in all areas of advanced planning.

RTS Private Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. As an RIA we are bound by law to act as a fiduciary, always putting your interests first by providing objective advice and full disclosure.